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What my clients appreciate...

"Eileen has a unique way of engaging a diverse range of stakeholders and this is done through her transcultural practice and her ability to move seamlessly through different cultures. Her energy and delivery ensure that everybody in the room is engaged and contributing in a meaningful way"

Phillip Brooks                                                                                                 

Regional Director|North Queensland Region

Child, Family and Community Services1

Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

“We engaged Eileen to assist us in working with a local community in developing a coastal erosion mitigation strategy. Eileen’s exceptional professional skills and personable style contributed significantly to the successful delivery of outstanding outcomes for all stakeholders. We now use Eileen for all such community / stakeholder engagement activities.”


Paul O'Brien

Senior Principal Engineer


"Eileen has demonstrated the capacity to make real connections with individuals and our organisation as a whole. She has excellent interpersonal skills which enable her to positively engage a range of stakeholders. She has collaborated with us to achieve real organisational change and development..............I would most highly recommend Heywood Consulting Group to any organisation that is looking to begin and sustain a journey of continuous improvement. "


Meredith Wenta

Executive Principal

Kirwin State High School

“The Workforce Council is the Peak Body for Health and Community Services in Qld.  Eileen is a trusted partner in the delivery of workforce development strategies and has co-designed and developed on our behalf programs to meet a wide range of workforce needs.  These include one off workshops such as Emotional Intelligence, Reflective Practice and Happiness, Effectiveness and Resilience at Work, action learning projects such as Mentoring in Early Childhood and Building Strong Connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and networking series such as Talk Shop and Recipe Swap for early childhood centre cooks.  Eileen uses strength based approaches and strong facilitation skills to empower learning and enable practice change.  Our participants always rate Eileen as a highly skilled and engaging presenter and facilitator”.


Christine Payne, Workforce Consultant

Health And Community Services Workforce Council

“Heywood Consulting has been a reliable and highly knowledgeable business to work with to deliver state wide capability development in a large, diverse department. At all times we have enjoyed easy, and flexible working relationships with Eileen. We are looking forward to ongoing opportunities to work together for the capability building of Queensland’s public Education system.”


Rebecca Toohey

Director, Leadership and Capability

Department of Education and Training

"During my time as CEO of Australian Aerospace we engaged Heywood Consulting over three consecutive years to facilitate our annual Top Management Team (TMT) meetings. I valued the way that Eileen hit the ground running every time and appreciate many aspects of working with Heywood Consulting, including:

  • In-depth and thorough engagement with us before strategy workshop facilitation

  • Deep understanding of the company’s challenges - the tangible and intangible ones

  • Professional moderation in a balanced fashion; always knowing when to interfere or when to stand back

  • Ability to engage the entire team"

Jens Goennemann

'The effective executive builds on strengths – their own strengths, the strengths of their superiors, colleagues, subordinates; and on the strengths of the situation'

- Peter Drucker

"Eileen has enabled us to build individual and organizational capacity across Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) by collaborating with us to provide an

in-house mentoring program. Using a strengths based appreciative approach Eileen has designed practical, hands-on workshops to cater for a diverse range of stakeholders across the organisation. Her meticulous attention to detail alongside her ability to remain agilely responsive has ensured Eileen meets the needs of adult learners albeit with many at varying stages of career growth. Eileen’s passion for her craft is infectious as she can engage, motivate and inspire novice and experienced teachers in addition to those in positions of senior leadership within our communities of schools and offices. As a result, there has been a significant growth in the BCE mentoring culture. We are indebted to Eileen for being so generous in sharing her time, wisdom and resources."


Tammy McCartney, Senior Education Officer


“I have used Heywood Consulting to bring together disparate and competing views to create a compelling vision for a preferred future. This has resulted in significant buy-in from important constituents who have subsequently become strong advocates for the future. Eileen’s empathy for others, joy in eliciting what people love about where they work and intelligent synthesis of this into a coherent plan for action is exceptional”​

James Sloman, Executive Principle

Moreton Bay College


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