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Eileen’s first public speaking engagement was in 1993 at a Community Development Conference on the topic of action learning and action research. Assoc. Prof Phil Heywood (Eileen’s father) has been a community planner and activist all his adult life and his ethics and world view have profoundly influenced Eileen’s approach. Community is the centre around which Eileen’s world spins.


She has been president of a community environment protection association and led a successful battle to stop a tourist resort being built next to a fragile creek and national park home to rare and endangered species. She has been the coordinator of a Local Energy Transfer System (LETS), a strategy for skills rich and resource poor communities. She runs a free community boot camp in the community she now lives in, as well as organising on-going community events. This personal connection with the notion of ‘community’ transfers into Heywood Consulting Group.


In our work with communities we draw on our strengths based methodology to leverage what is working in the area we have been contracted. We have explored service collaboration and integration with stakeholders who share an interest in supporting people who are experiencing homelessness within their communities. We are excited to be able to facilitate this sharing of ideas and commitments to move forward.

We have partnered with an International Engineering Organisation to engage a local community and key stakeholders to provide a sustainable solution to issues resulting from climate change and tidal processes.

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